What does SMC stands for?

Sugar, Milk and Cocoa.

Making premium and honest blends possible

SMC Food 21 believes that the best blends shouldn't lose its soul. We source excellent materials and produce them with the latest equipments, all under the supervision of an extremely stringent in-house quality control program.

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Premium and precise food blends

To manufacture good food products - whether it's for liquids, powders or pastes - you need quality ingredient blending. As a leader in food blending services, SMC Food 21 guarantees precise attention to offering you the highest quality blends.

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We are SMC Food 21

We strive to maintain great relationships with our suppliers for better raw materials at the lowest possible price. Because we want to live by our company's motto - quality blends for quality customers - every second and every minute.

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Supplying honest food goods to like-minded businesses

We're glad to be able to find ourselves awesome customers who share the same belief as we do. Since 1999, SMC Food 21 has been supplying food blends to multinationals in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, etc. We've now progressed to process even more complex products like coffee, tea, salt, juice, soup and other premixes for businesses. We're always looking forward to making more great things happen.


Leading food and nutritional manufacturer in Asia


Quality Blends for Quality Customers


Absolute Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Total Commitment & Open Communication

Doing what we can for the society

SMC Food 21 is currently sending free infant milk powder to impoverished children in Batam, Indonesia. We're also working with various governments in less advantageous countries to feed children at a more affordable price. Because we truly care.

The journey of giving has only just begun, and we're glad you can be a part of this.

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